Justice Center - Court: 440.887.7400
Justice Center - Police: 440.887.7300
Non-Emergency: 440.885.1234
Parma Tip Line: 440.887.7340
The City of Parma Police Department


Animal Problems

I am having a problem with animal?
If you are having a problem with an animal the is not an emergency situation call the animal warden at 440-885-8010 Monday thru Friday.

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Detention Center

When can I visit someone in the Parma Detention Center?
General visitation hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00am until Noon and from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. Saturday visitations are from 10:00am until 6:00pm and Sundays are from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. Each prisoner is allowed only one 30-minute visit for each visiting day; however, an attorney and clergy can visit at any reasonable time.

How can I bond someone out of the Parma Detention Center?
During normal court hour’s bonds may be posted with cash, credit card, or surety at the Cashier’s office. After court hours bonds maybe posted at the Parma Jail with either cash or surety. For further information, contact the Cashier’s Office at 440-887-7400 ext. 7464.

Can I send a letter to someone in the Parma Detention Center?
Yes, but all incoming mail is inspected for contraband. The mailing address is:

Prisoner Name
Parma Detention Center
5555 Powers Blvd.
Parma, Ohio 44129

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How do I arrange for a tour of the Police facility?
Public tours of the Parma Justice Center are conducted once a year during the city's annual safety fair. The safety fair is held on a Saturday in April of every year.

How do I get information for the citizen police academy?
Please contact Lt. Siedlecki at 440-887-7329.

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Filing compliments or complaints

How do I compliment an officer?
You may compliment an officer by sending a letter to the Chief of Police at 5555 Powers Blvd. Parma, Ohio 44129, or by speaking to the officer’s supervisor in person or calling 440-887-7300.

How do I complain about an officer?
If you wish to complain about an officer please call 440-887-7300 and ask to speak to the on duty police supervisor or you can respond to the station to speak personally to the on duty police supervisor.

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Fingerprint and Background Checks

How do I go about obtaining a background check?
National WebCheck is the method we use to obtain background checks. The cost of background checks are as follows:

Charges for BCI = $22.00

Charges for FBI = $24.00

Added to these charges are:

Parma Resident Fee = $12.00

Non-Resident Fee = $35.00
You must bring a driver’s license or other official photo I.D. and proof of residence.

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Lynn Zimmer at (440) 887-7300 ext. 7222.

What is the process to apply for a job with the police department?
Contact Parma Civil Service at 440-885-8060 or 440-885-8061

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Location and Phone Numbers

Where is the Police Department Located?
The Parma Police Department and Parma Municipal Court are located at 5555 Powers Blvd. This is at the corner of Regency Dr. and Powers Blvd. Just east of Parma Hospital and north of Regency Towers building D.

What phone number do I call to reach the Parma Police?
In emergency situations call 911. To have a police respond for non-emergency situation call 440-885-1234. For the police record room call 440-887-7300.

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Property & Evidence

How can I retrieve my property that was seized as evidence?
As part of your court case, you may ask for the court to release your evidence to you. It should then be noted in the journal entry for your case. You will need to bring a copy of your journal entry with you to get your property.

The Detective or Officers working on the case can release the items if they are no longer needed for the case. The Detective or Officer must complete a Property release form.

You may file a Replevin Motion with the court where you request that your items be released to you by a Judge. Should the motion be granted, you will need to bring a copy with you to get your property.

Items were stolen from my home or vehicle. A Detective said that some of the items were recovered. How can I retrieve my stolen items?
The Detective or Officers working on the case can release the items if they are no longer needed for the case. The Detective or Officer must complete a Property release form.

My bicycle was stolen. Have the police found it?
To recover a bicycle, you will need:

  • The date you reported it missing
  • The make of the bicycle (i.e. Schwinn, Huffy, etc.)
  • The model of the bicycle (i.e. Mongoose, etc.)
  • The color of the bicycle, and/or distinctive markings
  • The serial number of the bicycle. Many bicycles look alike. We need the serial number to match an owner with a bike.

I found a ring (or other item) that someone lost. What can I do with it?
If you can not locate the owner, turn the item into the Parma Police Department front desk. The officer will complete a found property tag. We will attempt to contact the owner and return the item.

Items with no identifiable owner can be turned over to the finder after 30 days.

Items with no identifiable owner will be disposed of after 90 days.

When and where can I retrieve my property that I have the proper release paperwork for?
The Property Office is normally staffed Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You should call ahead to make an appointment (440-887-7300 ext. 7241).

The Property Office is located at the Parma Justice Center, 5555 Powers Blvd., Parma, OH 44129.

You will need:

  • The paperwork that releases your property
  • The police incident number for that case
  • A photo identification

I am an Insurance Agent and would like to obtain photos of an accident involving one of our clients. How may I obtain a copy of the photos?

  1. Send a request for the photos to the Property Office
    via fax 440-887-7396
    via email george.balasko@parmajustice.net
    via US Mail
  2. Include the police incident number and the date of the accident.
  3. You will be contacted with the cost of the photos and given the option to pick up the photos during business hours, or have them sent to you via US Mail.

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Where do I go for a copy of a police report?
You may get a copy of a police report in the main lobby of the Justice Center at the Records Room window or you may request in writing to have the report sent to you by U.S. mail. This request must be accompanied by a self address stamped envelope and payment. You will need to call 440-887-7300 to determine the cost of the copy of the report. Reports are not given out at the Police Department’s 24-hour Front Desk.

How much does a copy of a police report cost?
Copies of police reports are $.05 (five cents) per page.

Public Record Requests

In order to efficiently provide service, the police Record Room will only accept public record requests Monday - Friday beween the hours of 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

Adobe Acrobat required Download the City of Parma Public Records Policy

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How do I complain about a ticket I received from a police officer?
You must go to court and speak to a judge or magistrate. You may plead no contest and explain the situation to the judge or magistrate and comply with the finding or you may plead not guilty and have a trial.

How do I pay for a ticket?
You can pay a ticket by responding to the Parma Justice Center. If you have any questions about the cost of the ticket or court dates you may call 440-887-7400.

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How do I get my vehicle that has been impounded by the Police Department?
The owner of the vehicle must respond to the Police Department with proof of ownership of the vehicle, either the title or registration, and identification. Paper work will then be completed and you will be advised if the car was towed to either Sirls Towing or Parma Towing. All fees will be paid to the towing company.

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