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News Releases

The Parma Police Department, through Public Information Officer, Detective Lieutenant Kevin Riley, will periodically post news releases to the media and the public. Frequently photographs and information may be posted with the purpose of eliciting the help of the general public in identifying suspects, developing information for criminal cases and locating missing persons. Occasionally, public service announcements may be made related to safety issues.

Lt. Riley began his career as a police officer in 1992 after serving in the United States Air Force. He joined the Parma Police Department in 1999. Lt. Riley has extensive experience in the Detective Bureau as a Detective in both the General Crimes Unit and Narcotics Unit. Lt. Riley continues to not only investigate felony cases, but also serves as a supervisory detective overseeing general crimes, narcotics and sex-crimes investigations. Lt. Riley also oversees the training and development of newly appointed detectives. He has been a member of the department’s SWAT Team since 2004. Lt. Riley has an Associate Degree in Law Enforcement and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education.

To contact Lt. Riley, please call (440) 887-7344 or by email at kevin.riley@parmajustice.net.

Follow the department on Twitter at @ParmaPolice  



Save the Date - Parma Safety Fair - April 25th

The City of Parma Annual Safety Fair will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 at the Parma Justice Center. The event will take from 11:00am to 2:00pm. As in past years, the Safety Fair will feature officers and firefighters from the Parma Police and Fire Departments, as well as other local departments. Please click on the link for addtional details:

Safety Fair 2015

Capt. Blair graduates from CLEE Program

Columbus, OH - As a new graduate of the 14-month Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) program, Capt. James Blair recently reached a high level of professional accomplishment. Capt. Blair was one of 28 CLEE's who was honored at their graduation luncheon at the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthington in Worthington on February 13, 2015.

The ceremonies celebrated the completion of study in a unique course co-sponsored by the Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc. and the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.  The instructors include noted faculty members at universities across the Midwest and consultants to business and industry.

Participants were selected for the program by meeting set standards in experience, formal and continuing education, as well as professional-related experience.  For more than a year, they received instruction in modules concerned with ethics; change management; interpersonal skills; vision, mission and guiding principles; strategic planning; external environmental management; and resource allocation and budgeting.  Graduates of CLEE have demonstrated their mastery of these modules through written examinations and papers.

The Certified Law Enforcement Executive Program promotes professional development, benefiting not only the individual but also the agencies, in which they work and practice, and their communities.  It is designed to elevate the standards of excellence for law enforcement executives.

Officer of the Quarter Award

The department would like to congratulate Ptl. Patrick Cullivan on recently receiving the department's Officer of the Quarter Award. Ptl. Cullivan received the award for his personal efforts in bringing awareness and support to the injured members of our military who bravely served to defend our country. Ptl. Cullivan raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project by running a full marathon in a military uniform and boots, all while carrying a loaded military rucksack. Ptl. Cullivan trained for and successfully completed the marathon during his off duty time. Ptl. Cullivan's exemplarary conduct and devotion to helping our wounded warriors, serves as an example for all of us to follow. Congratulations!

Deposit of snow onto the roads

This time of year with the heavy amount of snow that often accumulates onto the city's streets due to heavy snowfalls, the police department would like to remind everyone that when you are outside clearing your private driveways and walkways, it is unlawful to deposit snow, ice or slush onto city streets. Codified Ordinance 660.35, entitled, Deposit of Snow, Ice and Slush states:

"No person shall push, throw, snowblow, deposit, or cause to be pushed, thrown, snowblown, or deposited any snow, ice, slush, or other material into or upon any street or highway, sidewalk, or other public grounds, except that only snow, ice or slush may be deposited on that portion of the public right-of-way located between the sidewalk and street or highway, commonly known as the tree lawn or park strip. Snow, ice, or slush may not be deposited upon any tree lawn area other than that which abuts the property from which the snow, ice or slush has been removed."

Individuals found to be violating this ordinance are subject to receiving a citation and fine.

Capt. Bobak receives Public Safety Leadership Award

Evanston, IL - Captain Joseph Bobak has received the prestigious Public Safety Executive Leadership Award from the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety. The award was presented at the Center’s School of Police Staff and Command 369th Graduation Ceremony at the Double Tree Hilton on December 12, 2014 in Skokie, Illinois.

By successfully completing the Center’s entire sequence of management programs (Supervision of Police Personnel, School of Police Staff and Command, and the Executive Management Program), Captain Bobak has demonstrated a commitment to delivering the best, most professional service to his community. He was nominated by Chief Robert Miller of the Parma Police Department.

The Northwestern University Center for Public Safety was established in 1936 to expand the scope of university-level education in traffic safety. Since that time, the Center has broadened its offerings to include police operations and management. Law enforcement agencies have also come to depend on the Center for university-level research programs, technical assistance and conferences on crucial and timely issues. Northwestern University Center for Public Safety has taught nearly a quarter of a million professionals in law enforcement in related fields from all fifty states and thirty-eight foreign countries.

**Internal Revenue Service Scam**

A scam in which a person calls claiming to be from the IRS and demanding payment for taxes is appearing again in the Parma area. The department has received complaints from citizens about receiving calls and voice mail messages from persons claiming to be from the IRS. Please click on the link below for further information on this scam and how to spot a suspicious call.

IRS Scam Information - How to Spot Suspicious Calls


Video: We're Here For You - We Always Will Be

Click on picture for a video. It may take a few minutes to load.police car


Citizens Police Academy Video

Video: Citizen Police Academy

Watch a video about the Citizens Police Academy.

Produced by Parma Area Community Television.

Flash required to watch this video. Get it for free here.



The Parma Police Department has recently instituted a Facebook page developed to assist in the identification and apprehension of WANTED individuals.  For more information and to receive updates simply visit the site and LIKE us on Facebook. To be directed to this site click HERE.

Parents Who Host Lose The Most

As a parent, you cannot give alcohol to your teen's friends under the age of 21 under any circumstances, even in your home, even with their parents permission. Click HERE for additional information.

Lock It or Possibly Lose It

With the onset of summer weather, It is expected that there will be a rise in thefts of property. Many times items are being taken easily from yards, vehicles, homes, etc...with no indication of forced entry. There are individuals in our society who specifically look for unlocked doors and unsecured property. Unfortunately, in this day and age it is necessary to take preventive steps to secure our belongings. It is recommended that you lock your doors even when you are home. Additionally, valuables should be kept out of sight and your vehicle doors locked. A few preventive steps can make the difference in whether or not you become the victim of a crime.

Residential Burglaries On The Rise

With the economy as it is there has been a notable increase in residential burglaries throughout the country. Clicking on the link below will provide you with a printable "Residential Security Survey" that can be helpful in doing a self evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of your property.


PERSONAL SAFETY - Practical safety tips for; At Home, In your Car, Out & About

Changes in Child Restraint Safety Seat Law

Current Ohio law requires that children under the age of four, those who weigh less that 40 pounds, or both must be in a child restraint system that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards. Effective 10/07/2009 the law added specific requirements for those children less than eight years of age, less than four foot nine niches (4'9"), or both must be secured in a booster seat that meets federal motor vehicle safety standards. CLICK ON THE ABOVE PHOTO TO VIEW ENTIRE ORDINANCE.

ID R Kids

When a child is missing or abducted, getting that child's photo and information on a potential abductor out to police, the public, and the media is essential. One way to expedite this process is to obtain a state ID for your child. This not only provides a photo, but next of kin information accessible to police if needed. An ID can be obtained by bringing the child, their birth certificate and social security card to any Deputy Registrar License agency. The cost of the ID is $8.50.

Next of Kin (NOK) Registration

During emergency circumstances, being able to make notification to an individual's next of kin could safe a life or potentially allow some precious time with a loved one before they expire. The Ohio Department of Public Safety has now made this possible. Persons with an Ohio driver license or state ID can now register up to two trusted persons to be identified in the BMV database as Next of Kin. ONLY police can access the NOK information, it cost nothing to register, and is not subject to public records request. The NOK registration results in reducing time in locating next of kin and making prompt notification. Additional information and registration instructions can be obtained at: www.ohiobmv.com

Planning BEFORE A Disaster Strikes

There are approximately 1400 miles that separate Parma, Ohio from Galveston, Texas.  In late September 2008, we here in Parma suffered the residual effects of Hurricane Ike, which made landfall in Galveston.  Severe winds toppled trees and downed power lines.  Tens of thousands of homes in our area were without electricity.  Some went without power for almost a week.  The storms in our lives, whether natural or man-made can come with little or no warning.  Will you be prepared?

You can build a foundation before a storm.  You can build a foundation after a storm. But, it is almost impossible to build one in the midst of a storm.

The Department of Homeland Security has developed a website that can be helpful in creating a disaster plan, including but not limited to a list of items that should be kept on-hand.  Please refer to www.ready.gov  for additional information and remember Preparing Makes Sense.

Document Links To Printable Safety Materials

Click on the links below to view and obtain a printable copy (PDF) of documentation relative to specific issues of safety and security.

Child Safety - Practical tips relative to "Child Safety"

Residential Security Survey - A survey ref. residential strengths / weaknesses

Personal Safety - Practical safety tips for; At Home, In your Car, Out & About

Gun Locks Available to Parma Residents

The Parma Police Department has partnered wth Project Child Safe to provide FREE gun locks to residents of the city. These locks are available on a first come, first serve basis at the department's 24-hr police front desk.

Click on the logo for additional information.

Reminder of Ohio's Motor Scooter Laws

Click on the scooter picture to be directed to a link to Ohio's Motor Scooter Laws.


New Traffic Signals for Parma

New traffic signals are being installed on the major roads with a target completion date of October 2008. These new signals can be "pre-empted" or controlled by the siren of an approaching emergency vehicle. Drivers who see a flashing blue light on the signal arm when approaching a red light should be cautious because the flashing blue light indicates an emergency vehicle is approaching.

Target Oriented Patrol (T.O.P.)

At the beginning of August 2007, the Parma Police Department initiated an effort to beef up patrols to enforce neighborhood traffic and peace disturbance violations. Officers will be assigned in small sectors each week to provide extra coverage during peak traffic times. The goal is for every neighborhood to receive this extra patrol at least once by the end of summer.

Child Safety Seat Inspections

The Parma Police Department has a certified National Child Safety Seat Technician. It only takes 20 minutes or less to check a child safety seat and educate parents on the proper installation and usage. Call (440) 887-7300 ext. 8557 and leave a message for Patrol Officer Spencer O’Rourke to request an appointment. Future safety seat clinics will be advertised in the Parma Sun Post.

Car-Fit Program for Seniors

The Parma Police now administers the Car Fit Program to help mature drivers achieve a perfect fit with their vehicle by using a 12-Point Checklist. Make an appointment with Officer Ken Gillissie or Officer Mike Tellings at (440) 887-7300 ext. 8538 or 8542. Watch for clinic announcements in the Parma Sun Post.

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