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Parma Tip Line: 440.887.7340
The City of Parma Police Department

Crime Tip Line

Parma Police Crime Phone Tip Line - (440) 887-7340

Parma Police Crime E-Mail Tip Line -

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The Parma Police Crime Phone Tip Line was established by the Detective Bureau in 2006. This is a dedicated phone line wherein information relative to criminal activity / tips may be called-in and the information left in the form of a phone message. The messages are accessed by a detective supervisor on a daily basis and the information is then delegated to a detective responsible for following up on the information.

**Please Note: Callers do not reach an actual person and are not to use this phone number to call for crimes in progress that require an immediate response.

Citizens may alternatively elect to provide a tip by email and the information will be acted upon the same as a phoned in tip.

**Please note: The Crime Email Tip Line is for persons wanting to provide information to help the Parma Police Department solve crimes. It is NOT for sales advertisements, solicitaton of services, complaints, notices, or other general questions. Emails that do not contain information about a specific crime will be deleted.

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